• Let's see if I can put together some thoughts about Midnight Swordfight.

    It's obvious pointing that one of the most important characteristics of the game is its extreme artificiality. The language is baroque; the plot is a convoluted fantasy without the slightest hint of consistency; the setting is a mix of every available anachronism; the gameplay, finally, is the absolute opposite of the naturalistic, simulationist, world-model classic parser style.

    I specially like this last point. I've sucked at parser for decades. My mind simply doesn't work that way. I have problems thinking things to do, and often I also have problems finding the correct English word to do that (I didn't start learning English until 9).

    So I love games that ease that. MS, with its very limited verb list and its in-game and in-story help system, the script, completely solves the problem for me. I wonder if its solution is widely applicable to other games. The script in MS makes lots of sense in-story; it suggests that this is all a play (ask Dimitri about the script), which has an obvious connection with the dress-up mechanic, and it all fits great in the overall artificiality.

    The script is immersion-breaking, but everything in the game is immersion-breaking. That's why I wonder how this kind of thing could be done in a classical parser style, where the player expects to have a world (model) where all kinds of verbs can be consistently used with all kinds of nouns.

  • Thanks! I'll write soon.