• I know nothing. Do not take my advice unless you want to. However, here are my 3 cents.

    • Become a member of a community and notice your thoughts and feelings about being a member almost as if you are an FBI Profiler. What could be improved in that group to make it more fun for you and increase your engagement. Odds are you will come up with ideas you may not have considered with your leader hat.

    • Notice the things successful groups are doing. Emulate them if they resonate with you and what you think your community will resonate with. Not all will be a good fit but there should be some universal practices that you could pick up.

    • Most important. Imzy is a Car. You are getting into it. Does it steer well. How do you feel in the driver's seat. If it does not feel good for you as the leader/driver then your confidence in inviting others to participate will be grounded in BS. If you have feedback about stuff that could be improved then voice them to Imzy and if they are not addressed see if you can come up with workarounds. If it doesn't work for you as a leader your level of engagement will be the example you set for your group.

    I started Gung ho and it worked but I have since had my enthusiasm momentum slowed down and am looking for my footing again. The lack of activity in my Neighboring communities have had a slight effect. I wanted to create another community that is like more like community for fellow admins and group where I could find more support with my demographic but got stalled. I know it's not then end but I am a big believer in that it has to be as good for you as it is for them.

    I lurk now. Looking for a catalyst to jump back in. So far, writing a post like this is one of them. Coming from a place of authenticity is just a lot easier than coming from anywhere else.

  • Thank you for your response. I am glad you limit creation of communities and I have no problem with that. Your reasoning is well thought out. My specific use case is.

    • Someone starts a group and doesn't like the name, misspells it and/or simply loses interest.
    • Hasn't gained 100 members since they just created it, & just wants to get rid of it. The group has that big "feed me" indicator since several months ago which may give pause for anyone thinking about joining. Add the misspelling which may be ok for some but probably is not ideal especially if the leader of the group is not unhappy with it.
    • Abandons the group (Doesn't archive it meaning it can't be transferred) Dead in the water
    • Archives it (Since he is the only member the group is at 0 and archived with a request for someone to lead a community created a month or more ago with zero members)

    Zero member groups or Single leader inactive communities going on for several months are the types of communities I am addressing. I never mentioned 100 member groups but I can understand you mentioning it to explain archiving. Maybe there are not many of these types of communities but speaking as someone who has been in this situation I can't imagine I am the only one.

    I am sure you are making assessments of total communities and how many just seem to be "Ghost Towns" and how many are active. Maybe this is not as big an issue. However, as a user just from my user level perspective I just don't like seeing mine. I don't like seeing it archived forever as representation of good intentions unfulfilled with bad spelling readily searchable but maybe that's okay. It's also something one can stew over while they wait a month to create a group with the correct spelling. I am sharing because if I feel this way I imagine there are others who are even less engaged to write about it or continue using imzy with a month in the proverbial penalty box.

    BTW - The criteria for creating another community could be engagement. If you get a certain number of members (50 or 100 or whatever is appropriate) rather than get a t shirt get another community allotment or wait a month . Whichever comes first but this way you are actually rewarding engagement rather just having everyone wait regardless if they are very good at creating multiple engaging communities. If they are good at this they will have to wait and possibly lose their muse and this can have an impact on their own engagement if they are still around. Creating a standard that benefits both you need for engagement & growth and your leader's need to engage their community to join can be mutual beneficial. Right now it's wait a month.

  • After getting a response from Imzy staff I thought I would just update my semi-rant and just say the best solution seems to be just "create a similar group." So if someone has a group you could run just create another one with a similar topic regardless of the perfect name they seem to have or the following they have whether small or large. Just create another similar group don't wait because the process to transfer it to you will take much longer than creating another group. Apparently it's best to consider that there are no such things as an absent leader unless it is you as a leader absent of initiative to take action and get it done.

  • Thanks for this post. I'm in the same the same boat. I want to participate and I feel stymied. This is one of those little things that slows engagement and kills initiative. I understand wanting to respect the leader's rights but in cases where the group was created about 2 months ago and the front page says feed me because there hasn't been a post in that time it's just a shame. I am a member of the group and the leader has not responded to my messages. You would think engagement from people in your group would be welcomed and even sought after but here it seems like non-engagement is being rewarded in the bureaucracy. Months of engagement lost possibly never to be regained again. And yes, I have sent a message via the "chat with us" but I'll just wait. I've already good at it from dealing with that group.

  • I posted about this on this discussion both on 8/28 and 9/17 (just scroll down till the end). I got no responses yet. I just sort of gave up and thought I was making a big deal about a minor thing but because of your request and the more I thought of it it still kind of bugs me.

    If you sent your email without a link to discussion who knows how many responses you would get. Having a community without a simple apparent way to take feedback like the kind you want from us here now I feel is a missing. So sure invite a bunch of people to a community but to not have a clear call to action is a missed opportunity. Just check out Facebook pages and see how important that it. Not having that I feel is putting an extra barrier to communication that isn't necessary.

    Leaving the only front facing tab at "Leaders" is not a call to action. If you want to hold on to that then at least let me choose the language for my interface and control my destiny. The one extra message I could possibly get because of it will be worth it.

    Know what your values are. Well one of them is to have open access to communication. "Leaders" doesn't cut it for the user audience for me. Perhaps even the word it not even ideal. Leaders? Does that create too much distance. Is moderator better? I don't know. However, what community hides messaging options under a tab that doesn't necessarily indicate that tab as a way to communicate? I made my points in the discussion links above. Good luck with the launch.

  • Yay!

  • I thought I made a good case for this. Leaders, when it comes to communication, are not fortunate enough to their own intercom sidebar. Who knows if this could be the tipping pointing for increasing communications and therefore activity.

  • Yes, even a simple drop down like there is for comments would work great and if you don't know what I am talking about just click the arrow next to the word "Popular" up above.

  • Received a nice mention in This Week in Fandom and returned the favor by updating this post to mention their mention. A whole lot of mentioning going on :-)

  • Based on your suggestion we just added the feature for non-vidders to make recs. There is an "add" button on the upper right hand corner of the site. Clicking on it reveals a "media" button which takes you to a form to enter:

    • Title - title of the vid
    • Why I chose this vid as a rec - Short description about your choice
    • Media url - link to your you tube, vimeo video
    • Embed - if you would rather use an embed code from another site.
    • Your name - Your name will displayed as the reccer.

    Videos will need to be approved and will be in queue after submission. This is a great way to include user submissions for work we may have overlooked and were never aware of. Thanks for the suggestion. If you have any questions let me know.

  • PS - If you enjoy any of these videos don't keep the enjoyment to yourself. Share it with fellow fans who might enjoy it as much as you did. :-).

  • Glad you enjoyed it. We want to definitely work on making sure viewers see quality vids like this that may have been overlooked. There is just a lot of great work out there and it should not be lost in the big ocean that is You Tube.

  • Thank you for commenting. That is a great suggestion! Viewer submissions will definitely factor in as the site develops. Voting is definitely possible but may require a registering to prevent abuse.

  • Certainly not the case in this discussion. Perfect comment.

  • Not to hijack the conversation to much away from the movie. Kavinsky, who did one of the main songs to the movie, also did a song called Pacific Coast Highway (not in the film). Someone did a brilliant edit of this song to Drive that made it seem as if Kavinsky wrote this song just for the movie. If you have not seen it you will be blown away someone was brilliant enough to make the connection and made this edit Vid

  • Thank you for your response :-) If anyone feels the same as AnonStoriesTroy feel free to <3 (heart) his/her comment.

  • Effective moody soundtrack

  • You absolutely cannot get a more false takedown than one that seeks to takedown the one who issued it. If someone made a gun that shot back at a shooter there would be an instant recall. Anyone who supports an automated system will have to deal with the "remember when Warner Brothers tried to take down their own sites" response. Only Google realizing this conflict and choosing to not fulfill their takedown requests saved them. How lucky to be so well known that Google will actually intervene on your behalf. Not all of us can be that fortunate.

  • Hello!

  • If your asking what I think you are asking then :

  • Happy to have you here. Glad you found your way here. There is much to explore and I hope you find more of the kind of fannish space you were familiar with in your past. Manic Mea is a valued friend who is indeed very passionate and will do anything to help with Vidding. I can attest to this personally. :-)

  • I feel ya, I already made some changes myself as I think those who make up my community would rather watch a larger widescreen format for viddeo embeds. However, there is an easier way to go that does not involve adding a plugin. It's very simple and puts you in control. All I needed for my adjustment was 2 lines of code. I even recorded a video to show how it looks. Click here to watch. Just make sure to adjust your volume because there is sound and you don't want to get startled.

  • Good point, as well. As soon as you said "Leader Tools" I was like "Really, what leader tools?" So I went back to check. Here is what I noticed. 1) Settings - 2 clicks (Leaders > Settings) - 2 Clicks ( Dashboard > Settings) = Cancels out2) Dashboard - 2 Clicks (Leaders > Dashboard) vs 1 Click (off cover photo) = Cover Photo Wins 3) Help Desk - Related to communication 4) Message Community Leaders - Related to communication (Didn't even notice that much because I don't yet have leaders) 5) list of leaders.

    Out of the 5 leader tools - 2 can be accessed equally if not better using the Dashboard button 2 are related to communication. 1 is a listing of leaders. If Dashboard cancels out the first 2 tools then 2 to 1 the function of that area is as a Communication Center primarily However, good point about providing the option to make it look different for visitors which my key issue. I want zero barrier to "private and direct" communication between members of the community and the community leader. Help Desk can easily be misconstrued as technical support more than a direct reaching out to members via simple and direct terminology "Contact Us"

  • Feedback - Leader "Tab/Link" perhaps changed to "Contact us".

    1) Viewing leaders is not an action. Contacting them is. Give priority to action.

    2) Once I've seen them I know who they are however I will have many more reasons for wanting to contact the community leaders at many different times.

    3) Ability to find - Maybe just me but I didn't even know how members would contact me via the help desk and then after checking the leaders section I found message community leaders. I was expecting the link to say help desk but I get it. Now I know.

    4) Of the 2 actions - I'd rather reach out to contact the leaders to ask them "where the heck is the section that display the leaders of the community!!!?" and after clicking "Contact us" go "Oh the list is right here" rather than being frustrated when trying to quickly find a contact button all while forgetting that the place that displays the leaders also has a contact component. The way it is now is like putting "contact us" info under "Team"

    5) Finally, if not "Contact Us" then "Help desk." to have it congruent.

  • That's awesome garrideb. Your post is just the kind of post this network was created for. Thanks for much for sharing. I think it's great that you contribute that unique way of making vids to the table. Not everyone does that and when I see it in vids it stands out because it is such an interesting mix of media. So glad to have you here.