• And commentary from "Magical Makeover":

    This interactive story was actually inspired by the SA Forums "Girl Games" thread by Devious Vacuum. In the context of the thread, "girl games" refers to a subset of short Flash games targeted at girls and women. Most of these games are low-effort, minimally-interactive, sexist, and terrible, and exist primarily as a vehicle for advertising.

    A popular genre of girl game is what you might call a hygiene simulator. In it, you are presented with an "ugly" girl (or, occasionally a boy or animal) complete with pimples, eyebrow stubble, dark circles under their eyes, etc. Following a sequence of completely linear prompts, you use a variety of colorful gels, fruit pastes, sponges, and thingamajigs (few of which, as far as I can tell, even correspond to actual cosmetics or real-world objects) to beautify your subject. Once your subject has completed the appropriate gauntlet of hygiene, and become pretty enough to go out in public, you can change their clothes - and occasionally their makeup, hair color, and eye color - in a brief, boring dress-up sequence with limited options and a poorly-coded interface. The linear hygiene section of the game, of course, serves to pad out the short dress-up section so that the player will spend more time on the host website and, thus, view more ads.

    Anyway, after seeing these sort of games, I began to wonder if I could take the basic framework of "beautifying" oneself and dressing up, attach it to an actual goal (sneaking into the Equinox Ball), and make a Twine story out of it. The final story is probably more influenced by fairy tales than girl games, but it does share certain common girl game imagery and themes, such as: bizarre and possibly dangerous cosmetics; non-food objects made of fruit; overly-demanding children; sudden and unexpected surgical procedures; fairies; princesses; and the color pink.

    Hopefully you enjoyed reading it! You might be able to tell, from context, what day I wanted to release this story, but that deadline just flew right by, didn't it?

    (then there is a second page that explains how to get all the endings)

  • Here's the commentary from "Midnight. Swordfight."

    A paleontologist, upon finding a cache filled with dinosaur bones, was pleased to discover that they formed a single specimen, a veritable monster. It went into the textbooks. Not until many years later did other paleontologists begin to poke at the bones and doubt this original configuration. They rearranged the bones into another specimen, and it went into the textbooks instead. Well, it happened again, with reconfiguration after reconfiguration, and new dinosaur after new dinosaur. The poor textbooks were panting to keep up. Finally the paleontologists were flustered enough to tromp back and examine the cache's location, which happened to be on a farmer's property. When they consulted the farmer about it, they were told it was a mass grave for chickens.

    This game has no optimal ending. It has certain elements (weapons, costumes) that can be reconfigured to produce more than twenty-five different outcomes. Some involve violence. Others do not. You can change what happens to suit your preferences.

    All endings will lead you here behind the curtain.

  • I've found two (aside from landing in the bastille)

    when the dauphin catches you after stealing the plans, you can escape him and accidentally leave your shoe behind

    if you don't escape the dauphin, you have the option of living happily-ever-after with him, (with implication that you're actually going into deep cover). i think this one might require you to dance with him for a while in the ballroom too?

  • no that's great, thanks! good idea on the extra data too (rough length/notes), i added column headings for those

  • I haven't gotten to Cinder yet, but with regards to your aside/second Q -- yeah I think that kind of discussion looking for info & assistance while playing thru makes sense here!

  • Cool! Just watch this space; we'll get started on Monday the 6th.

  • Cool! Yeah i think we will start with those. I'll make a post on Monday to kick off :]

  • Excellent!

    I enjoyed Emily Short's recent RPS post "Dressed for the Party" & was considering plundering that for ideas for the first month. Also "Midnight. Swordfight." is one that I've wanted to go back and spend more time in & analyze, which could fit somewhere alongside those games thematically.

    In general I'd like to try to pick games together that have some clear mechanical or thematic threads in common, to help prompt discussion.

    My next step is putting together a public list -- I guess a google spreadsheet is a simple solution so I'll start there.

  • Great! Thx :]