The Swan Princess: Royally Undercover trailer

Swan Princess Royally Undercover 4K Official Trailer - 4K Trailers

Another Swan Princess film, already! Odette is on the cover I see, but like the previous film this one looks firmly focused on Alise and Lucas, getting up to shenanigans with the animal crew and Rogers.

This gave me a thought.

You know what, Swan Princess franchise? If it's "easier" to write stories with children protagonists instead of adults, you could do prequels! Go back to when Odette and Derek were children who met up every year and didn't like each other but were forced to hang out together and presumably could have gotten up to all sorts of antagonistic shenanigans! It's true that the animal crew won't be there, but you can create new castle-based characters, plus Rothbart is around so he could be a low-key, ominous background villain! There, go for it, I'll be waiting here.