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  • Introductions

    11795 members

    Are you new to imzy? Come and say hi to the imzy community!

  • Polls

    7055 members

    Welcome to the polling community on Imzy! For all you're polling and public opinion purposes!

  • Bringing Food to the Lab: Stony Fic
    Bringing Food to the Lab: Stony Fic

    1516 members

    Place to discuss, rec, and generally squee over fan fiction about Steve Rogers and Tony Stark

  • Let's Grab Coffee!
    Let's Grab Coffee!

    8065 members

    Gather here to chat about your day & have fun with all your Imzy friends!

  • Politics

    8377 members

    U.S. Political news and discussion. International news and politics also welcome.

  • Feedback

    50591 members

    Give feedback about Imzy! Let us know what you love and what you want to see made better. Also bug reports & questions.

  • News

    12804 members

    Current and ongoing news across the world

  • Cranky Old Fangirls
    Cranky Old Fangirls

    1588 members

    "Fangirl" here is a neutral term for someone who squees, squicks, and Was There. Feeling cranky? Old? Kvetch with us!

  • Anonymous Asks
    Anonymous Asks

    7904 members

    Come ask questions and give answers anonymously!

  • Moonbeam Cafe
    Moonbeam Cafe

    4262 members

    Moonbeam Cafe: for the night owls. We are not afraid of the dark. Pour a drink and stay a while.

  • KNKL

    1030 members

    The official home of the KNKL Show on Imzy!

  • Caturday

    2550 members

    Every day is Caturday

  • Gaming

    19644 members

    Gaming! So many games, not enough posts!

  • photopigs

    4878 members

    Photography is for everyone. Build skills in a diverse and fun environment.

  • Movies

    14178 members

    Your ultimate source for movies.

  • Not the Onion
    Not the Onion

    6521 members

    For true stories that are so mind-blowingly ridiculous, that you could have sworn it was an Onion story.

  • Word of the Day
    Word of the Day

    3993 members

    Come talk about fun and quirky words in the English Language

  • That Gaming Forum
    That Gaming Forum

    2298 members

    Refugees from other social media platforms, talking about games and geekery.

  • Imzyians Against Trump
    Imzyians Against Trump

    920 members

    This is a PEACEFUL community is meant for people who refuse to celebrate Donald Trump and his cult of personality .

  • Sleepless

    1708 members

    A forum for the sleepless, insomniacs, and night owls. We don't count sheep here.

  • conlang

    336 members

    A community for conlangs and conlangers

  • Imzy Community Showcase
    Imzy Community Showcase

    63482 members

    Showcase your new and awesome Imzy communities here! Requests for community recommendations also welcome!

  • Imzy

    65039 members

    Official announcements and happiness!

  • Science

    4303 members

    Recent developments and news in the world of science.

  • TheLizardQueen

    574 members

    My personal space for posting my artsy crafty stuff and other things that interest me. Come on in and say Hi. <3