Announcing IRL - Imzy Racing League!

Announcing IRL - Imzy Racing League!

Greetings, Guardians!

SRL is in full swing right now as The Dawning wraps up its first week. As many of you know, SRL will be relegated to the Private Matches menu once The Dawning concludes on January 3rd.

With that in mind, we're going to be having an SRL tournament, complete with prizes, in January and February!

The tournament is called Imzy Racing League and will have divisions for both Xbox One and PS4.

Each week, I will assign races of 3 to 6 people each. It will be the responsibility of the racers to come up with a time that works for everyone to group up and race. If there are availability issues, I will help to resolve them.

After a set number of weeks (determined by how many entries we get), your performances will be tallied up and you'll be seeded for a one-on-one knockout style tournament, with Best of 3 races rounds until the semi-finals, which will be Best of 5 races, the third place match, which will be Best of 5 races, and the finals, which will be Best of 7 races.

The winner will receive a mysterious grand prize.

The runner-up and third place finisher will receive mysterious not quite as grand prizes :)

Please sound off in the comments if you're interested and which platform you are on, so that I have an idea for numbers :)