Frequently Asked Questions

What on earth is this thing?

Imzy is an online community platform driven by its users, who join and create interest groups, post and share content, comment and engage in discussions, give each other money, and create apps for the platform. Basically, it's pretty awesome.

Is there an app?

Coming soon!! We will have an iOS and Android app joining our beta soon. We're in the process of building them for you right now!

Can I use Imzy's dino or logo?

You may use and adapt our artwork for your communities or most other purposes related to Imzy, as long as you follow our Community Policy and Terms of Service. You may not use our artwork, name, or logo in any way that represents you or your community as an official representative of Imzy or that contradicts our standards in any way. If you start doing stuff that goes against what we as Imzy represent and using our name, logo, or dino in conjunction with that, we reserve the right to revoke your license to use any of our art or media in any form. As long as you agree to play nice, you can access hi-res versions of our art in the Imzysaurus community, and we'd also love it if you share what you did with it there so we can all enjoy!

Accounts and Profiles

Can I have more than one account?

You don't need to! Instead of creating multiple accounts, you can create multiple usernames within your account. Each username will function as an individual without a visible connection to your other accounts. That way, you can keep everything as separate as you want it to be publicly, but it's still super easy for you to manage all in one place.

Why do I have to be at least 13 years old to use Imzy?

This is for your safety and to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA).

What is a username? How many can I have?

You can choose the way you participate and appear in every community you participate in. Create as many usernames as you need to interact in the way that fits you best (even anonymously!). For example, you can have your general participation username and your username for contributing silly cat memes that may not fit in with your usual intellectual, political discourse. We are complex humans and that's okay. Your usernames will never be publicly connected to each other in any way, so you can interact safely and separately in all the ways you want to.

You can participate in as many communities as you want with any given username (you can use just one for everything if you want to!), but you can only participate with one username in a single community (sorry, no conversations with yourself).

Why can't I use more than one username in a community?

We only allow one username per community to avoid confusion and deceit in conversations.

How do I add an avatar or profile picture for my username?

You can view your activity history and manage your usernames here. When you click into any profile, you'll be able to upload an image for that username by clicking on the big green circle.

What information can others see about my profiles?

Any user who sees a post or comment from you can follow your username to view your profile. They will only be able to see this one profile and will have no way of knowing what other profiles you have or any of your personal account information.

Other users will be able to view your username, avatar if you have one, and your history of communities you have created and posts and comments you have made. They will NOT be able to see any of the following:

  • Your activity in private communities (unless they are also a member of that community)
  • Posts and comments you have viewed, liked, or tipped
  • Communities you are a member of
  • Any other profiles or personal information you have connected to your account.

Who can see my anonymous history?

We collect all your anonymous history in one place for you with all your other profiles so that it's easy for you to find and access everything, but no other user can ever see that page. No one will ever know that any anonymous post you make is connected to you, any of your other usernames, or any of your other anonymous posts.

What is 2-factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication (sometimes abbreviated to 2FA) is a way to make your account much more secure. This means that anytime you log on to Imzy on a new device or after having logged out of a device, we will send a security code to your phone, and you will not be able to log in without inputting that code. This can significantly decrease the ability of others to hack into your account, though we recommend you still be vigilant about your account. To enable 2FA, just go to your account page, turn the setting on, and verify your phone number using the code sent to you.

How do I delete my account?

If the very unlikely situation of you needing to delete your account should arise, please contact us. Deleting the account will cause the loss of all user profiles attached to that account. We cannot revert deletions so please only request account deletion if you really, really mean it.

What happens to my content after my account is deleted?

If you terminate your account or delete a username, we are committed to making your content inaccessible to others, but that may not be completely possible due to the social nature of content shared through Imzy. When you post something publicly, others may choose to comment on it, copy it, and modify it, making your content part of a conversation that can’t later be erased without disrupting the conversations of other users. You can still delete your comments and posts, of course, but you can’t delete other people’s content that may reference yours. Simply put, it’s hard to remove something completely that has been posted publicly, so please think twice before you post.

My account has been suspended! What do I do?

Please review our Community Policy and Terms of Service in depth. There's likely something in there that you violated. If you feel that your account has been wrongly suspended or you would like to make amends for past transgressions, please contact


What is a community?

Communities are groups of people from all around the world who share similar interests, views, hobbies, lifestyles, or experiences and want to connect with others about those things.

You can join as many communities you want to about anything, and if there’s not one about something you’re interested in, you can create one! Communities are a great way to get everything you care about all in one place, connect with others, gain new ideas and perspectives, and have fun.

Ultimately, this is a platform for people to create and participate in communities exactly the way they want to. Whether about an interest, hobby, fandom, event, lifestyle, or even to provide a space for your own following to gather, we are here for you.

How do I join a community?

Just click the "join" button at the top of that page when you're viewing a community! As soon as you do that, you can post, comment, like other posts, and tip other users and the community.

What does it mean if a community is private?

This means that the community has decided not to let people who aren't members view the posts shared in their community to allow them to communicate with each other more freely. Private communities function exactly the same as other communities in all other respects, and you can request to join any private community.

I have a question about a community. How do I get help?

You can send a message to the leaders of that community through the community help desk. Just click the "Message the Leaders" button in the "About" or "Leaders" section of that community.

Why are the rules different in each community?

Every community and user must abide by the rules set forth in the Terms of Service. Beyond that, communities have different goals and needs that are not all covered by our terms. At Imzy, when you create a community, you set the standards of membership, visibility, and behavior.

Help! I've been banned from a community!

You may have broken one or more of the rules in that community. Make sure you visit the rules section to understand how that community works. Then you can send a message to the leaders of that community through the community help desk. Just click the "Message the Leaders" button in the "About" or "Leaders" section of that community.

Posting and commenting

How do I post?

Choose the "New Post" option from the top of your feed on the homepage or from the top of a feed in any community. You will need to choose which community you are posting to and what username you want the post to be associated with. You will also choose a title for your post and what you want to share—text, an image, a link, or any other special posts enabled by the community you're posting to.

I want to create a new username for posting something, but it won't let me. Why?

That means you've already interacted with that community under a different username. We only allow people to have one username per community, to reduce confusion. If you believe this an error, you can email us at

How do I comment?

Just click the "reply" button under any post or comment. If you've never interacted in that community before, you'll be prompted to choose which username you would like to have associated with that community or create a new one. Comments have all the formatting capabilities that text posts do, should you want to use them.

How anonymous is anonymous posting and commenting?

When you want to post something inside of any community and don’t want it tied to any of your other history or usernames, you can post anonymously without creating a new username, which will create a unique anonymous identifier for that post (and comments within that post) alone. You can even do this in a community where you already have an established identity but want to go off the record. We want you to have open and honest conversations (but we still expect you to abide by our Terms of Service and the community rules).

Where can I find a history of all my posts and comments?

Go to the "profiles" section of your account. You can find this by going here or by clicking on your username up at the top right corner of your page, then choosing the "profiles" tab. Each of the usernames you have used will be shown there, and by clicking on any of them, you can view all the communities you have created and posts and comments you have made.

How do I format my posts and comments to look better? And what is markdown?

We have markdown enabled so you can format your text fancily if you want to. This allows you to embed images, create hyperlinks, bold and italicize things, make headings, and lots more. Here's our guide on how to do it:

Make things **bold** by putting two asterisks on either side, or *italicize* them with one asterisk.

Make things bold by putting two asterisks on either side, or italicize them with one asterisk.

Create a hyperlink by [putting the text you want to be a link in brackets](and the URL to link to in parentheses after with no spaces in between).

Create a hyperlink by putting the text you want to be a link in brackets.

You can embed images in a similar way: just put an ![exclamation mark in front of the brackets](and the link to the image in the parentheses). Use a # at the beginning of a line to make a big header, ## to make a slightly smaller header, and ### to make an even smaller header.

Header with one hash

Header with two hashes

Header with three hashes

> Start a line like this to indent a paragraph or quote.
Start a line like this to indent a paragraph or quote.
Create a bulleted list using asterisks as the bullet points. * item in a bulleted list * item in a bulleted list

Create a bulleted list using asterisks as the bullet points.

  • item in a bulleted list
  • item in a bulleted list
And use numbers to create a numbered list! 1. item in a numbered list 2. item in a numbered list

And use numbers to create a numbered list!

  1. item in a numbered list
  2. item in a numbered list
Want to stop something from being formatted? Use ` this guy (it's up at the very top left if you have a traditional US keyboard) at the beginning and end of what you want to keep un-markdownable.

Creating and leading communities

Who can create a community?

Anyone can! Yes, even you. If there's something you're interested in but you can't find it on Imzy, create a community for it! Pretty soon other people who share your interests will be joining you.

How do I create a community?

You can create a community here. Follow the steps and when you're ready to welcome users into your community, press "publish". The community will not go live until "publish" is pressed. This gives you time to make sure it looks and feels the way you want it to.

As a community leader, you can customize what kinds of things people can post in your community, what apps are enabled, the appearance, the description and tagline, the rules for posting, who is and isn’t allowed to view and participate, and, of course, the topic of your community.

How do I run a community?

We've put together an awesome, really in depth guide for you here on just that topic!

We’re focused on providing everything you need to build a healthy, thriving community, so it’s also always easy to start chatting with us our send us a message with just one click.

What powers do I have as a community leader?

You can decide these things:

  • The name of your community
  • The short description of your community
  • The tags used to help others find your community
  • The avatar for your community
  • The header image of your community
  • The privacy level of your community
  • What post types are allowed in your community
  • What pops are enabled in your community
  • What post tags are allowed in your community
  • If tipping is allowed in your community
  • The rules in your community
  • Special reminder messages that can show up anytime someone posts or comments in your community

You can also perform these actions:

  • Remove posts and comments from your community that you don't feel belong
  • Lock posts from further interactions
  • Respond to help desk requests from your community members
  • Easily escalate a request to staff if you’re not sure what to do
  • Receive tips from your community members
  • Ban people from your community on a permanent basis or for a defined period of time
  • Pin posts to your community
  • Mark posts as spoilers
  • Schedule posts in your community
  • Review and take action on posts and comments that your members report as problematic
  • Easily escalate a reported item to staff if you’re not sure what to do
  • View a list of all named members of your community
  • View a list of all leader actions taken in your community
  • View analytics for your community members and activity
  • Mark posts and comments as spam
  • Invite people to join your community
  • Invite additional leaders to your community

How do I use the help desk?

You can view all your new help desk requests in your leader dashboard. When you receive a message from a member of your community, you can respond easily through our platform to answer their questions or give them any information needed. Just type and hit reply! As a note, our messaging system only supports plain text, so if you're accustomed to using markdown, that won't work here.

If you have multiple leaders in your community, you can also assign requests to yourself or others, view who has responded, and even make notes on a request specifically to the other leaders.

I have a user who's harassing my community. What do I do?

We're so sorry to hear that. We've given you some tools to try to help with this.

1. You can ban a user from your community. You can do this for a limited time period or indefinitely. This will prevent them from posting or commenting in your community in any manner, under their username, another username from their account, or anonymously.

2. If they continue to harass you through repeated messages to your community help desk, you can also ban them from sending help desk requests.

3. If the user is breaking site-wide rules in any way, or if you just need additional help managing the situation, you can contact us immediately by escalating a report or help desk request to us, contacting us through any of the means here, or just chatting with us directly via the link in your leader dashboard.

What does banning a user mean? How do I do it?

Banning a user from your community will prevent them from posting or commenting in your community in any manner, under their username, another username from their account, or anonymously. Community bans can be for a limited time period or indefinitely. If you feel the need to ban a user, you can do so via your leader tools in the overflow menu on any post or comment made by that user in your community or from a help desk request they have sent you.

Why do I have to include a reason when I remove a comment or post or ban a community member?

This message is sent to the user when you take that action, so that they can understand why it happened and learn how to do better in the future. As this happens, hopefully all your community members learn what is and isn't okay so your job becomes even easier!

How come I can only see some of my community members in my list? What does "unnamed members" mean?

Every user can have more than one username on their account, which means we can't say what their username is until they choose what one they specifically want in your community. Otherwise we could end up giving out personal information and doxxing people, which is kind of against the point of allowing people to have multiple usernames and choose their individual identities for each community. We want to make sure everyone's personal information stays personal! Because of this, we only show you the names of people who have posted or commented in your community and thus chosen what username they want displayed. You may have lots of other people who are viewing your community, reading posts, liking things, and even tipping without being named.

What does it mean when someone has requested an invite to my community?

If your community is set to "public," anyone who is a member of Imzy can view and join your community. People who aren't a member of Imzy can also request to join your community. When they do this, you can choose to hit "approve," and that will send them an invitation to join Imzy and your community. You can also deny them if you prefer. This same practice applies for private communities within Imzy.

How do I invite users to my community?

It's easy! Just go to your community leader dashboard and choose the invitations tab. There you can type in the email address, phone number, or username of someone you want to join your community. You will also be able to view who has requested an invitation to your community, who has accepted your invitation, and whose invitations are still pending.

What does it mean that I don't have any invites?

We're still in beta right now, so we're keeping the number of invites we give out to individuals and communities pretty low. If you need invites for your community or run out, you can always contact us to ask for more.

I need help running my community! Can I add another user as a leader?

Yes! Just go to the leaders section of your community dashboard, and type in the username of the person you would like to invite.

Why can't I make my private community public?

We don't allow this for the safety of your community members. People may have posted sensitive information there with the understanding it wouldn't be seen by others, and we can't betray those users' trust by making it public. There are even cases where this could create violent repercussions for users, and we don't want to risk that.

I need help with something else running my community. Where can I go?

You can always join us in the leaders community to talk with other community leaders, get ideas, and help each other out. And of course, you can chat with us directly through the link in your leader dashboard or email us at


What is tipping?

Tipping users is a great way to show support for the content another user has posted and appreciation for their contributions to a community. When users tip each other, they send and receive real money. If you would like to tip another user, you'll need to enter your credit card information. You'll be able to access this card from any of your usernames, and anonymously if you want to. Other users will never see your credit card info and neither will Imzy. Your credit card information will not be stored on our site. It will be kept safe and snug in the warm embrace of our trusted payment processor, Stripe.

How do I tip?

Just click on the "$ Tip" button on any comment or post or in a community. You will need to connect a credit card to your user account. All of your financial information will be held by Stripe, our payment processor, and Imzy will not have access to your data.

How much can I tip?

You can tip as much as you want! We just require a $1 minimum per transaction.

Why do I have to tip at least $1?

This is the minimum amount required by our payment processor, Stripe.

Do you take a cut of tips users send to each other?

No, we don't take any money for ourselves. However, our payment processor, Stripe, does remove a small amount (2.9% plus 30¢) from each transaction in order to be able to run it. We ask users to donate an additional 10% to us if they're willing to, but that's completely optional.

What does it mean when you ask me to support Imzy's operational costs?

You may have noticed we don't have any ads on Imzy, and we'd like to keep it that way! By tipping us as well, you can support Imzy so that the servers keep running, the lights stay on, and we have food to eat.

How do I receive tips?

When someone tips you, you will receive a notification requesting you to add a bank account to receive the tip.

When will I receive my tips?

If this is your first time receiving a tip, it will take up to seven days to be deposited after you connect an account as we verify everything for security. After that, all your tips should be deposited in two days.

I live in [x country]. Why can't I use tipping?

Unfortunately, we are only able to support the countries that our payment processor, Stripe, does. Sorry about that. :(

Other Questions

How do I report content or users for breaking rules?

You can report users, posts, or communities using the "report" button located on each post, comment, and community.

Someone stole my content and posted it on Imzy. What do I do?

We're so sorry to hear that. Please follow our DMCA policy located in our Terms of Service.

Why no porn?

There are a ton of places to view pornography in these modern times and not just on the internet. You also have television, books, and magazines. There might even be some x-rated theaters still operating! So many places, in fact, that it is available to you, for free, any hour of any day of the year. You can even find porn on federal holidays. Amazing, right? So we feel like that need is covered right now and we would like to focus more on communities and conversations.