Hello Words

We had our first session of Hello Words, last week, and it went really well! We had writers working with Inform 7, Twine 2, ChoiceScript and good old pen and paper choose your own adventures. Discussion topics included whether choice really matters, whether puzzles are essential and whether we should be thinking in terms of ‘consequence’ rather than ‘choice’ anyway.

This was more of a ‘getting to know you’ session than any great undertaking of writing or critiquing, and yet we still had several brand new projects well underway by the end of our two (and a bit) hours. Parser puzzle writer Victor has kindly offered up his game, ARIADNE IN AEAEA, for critique for the next session on Thursday 9th February, 6:30pm. Our plan is to spend half our time giving Victor feedback and more generally discussing his game, and half working on our own projects, with a bit of time at the end sharing what we’ve done (for those who want to). We’d love for you to join us! (This one will be above the Toast Bar in the Clubroom, but the entrance is the same!)