INSTEAD 2.5 announcement

A new INSTEAD 2.5-alpha release is open for testing.

The new features are too numerous to list but here're some highlights:

  • A completely new Lua stack
  • A tiny core for blind-accessible interpreters (instead-tiny, also see Plainstead project).
  • A new pixels module allows procedural pixelated graphics.

INSTEAD-JS is a web port with INSTEAD 2.5 support. It can play games from ZIP archives (user-provided or online-hosted). Some features (for example, custom fonts, OGG sounds) are not supported in IE.

You can download the Windows, Caanoo, WinCE, Symbian and Linux packages from here: and the Android version is here:

There is no iOS version (Apple forbids interpreters in App Store) but INSTEAD-JS is playable.

You can try INSTEAD without installing in an online playground:

After an extensive beta testing it would become INSTEAD 3.0. Stay tuned!