Looking for volunteers: early test the beginning of a game

Hi Imzy and IF forum!

I've been working on my first game for more than a year now. I finally have a good chunk of it and I'd be thankful if other people could take an early look.

I have a demo for the first 40 turns of the game or so, something that could be played in 20-30 minutes. The goal is not bug hunting or in-depth examination. What I'd like to know is how people feel about the game: just the gut feeling. If they understand what's happening, and if it works for them, or not.

The game is a nineteenth century fantasy focused on freedom to roam the environment and get involved in multiple storylines. It's a Twine game but it does at least one very unusual thing, so I'm worried if people will get it. That's why early feedback would be so valuable.

This has to be kept private because of IFcomp rules, so if you'd like to help me please write to pseudavid@yahoo.es, or tweet at pseudavid, or just tell me how I can contact you. It'll be ready in February 3rd or 4th.

Thanks! A screenshot for you: