Text Club, April 2017 -- 'A Mind Forever Voyaging', 'Forgotten', 'Fail Safe'

Welcome to the second month of Text Club! (FAQ). Our three games this month are:

A Mind Forever Voyaging

by Steve Meretzky, 1985, ifdb

This is an older one but runs great in the DOS emulator Dosbox. You can play it in your web browser at playdosgamesonline.com via the magic of js-dos. Or you can download a zip of the game at myabandonware.com, to run in Dosbox. If you're new to Dosbox (or just don't feel like fiddling around with it) you might also check out a frontend like Boxer on Mac or DBGL on Windows/Mac/Linux.

I believe you'll also need to download the instruction manual in order to get past the game's copy protection. It's also just a cool thing to see. You can get the manual on myabandonware.com (PDF link) as well. Scroll to the very end of the manual pdf for a code wheel and table.


by Sophia Park, 2016, ifdb

Play online: https://sophiapark.itch.io/forgotten

Fail Safe by Jon Ingold, 2000, ifdb

Play online: http://iplayif.com/?story=http%3A//www.ifarchive.org/if-archive/games/zcode/FailSafe.z5

Or download the .z5 story file on the ifdb page, which you can play in one of many interpreters. I recommend Lectrote which runs on Windows, Mac & Linux.


These were drawn from the wishlist.

In order to give everyone time to fit the games into our various schedules, we'll hold off on substantive discussion until the last full week of the month -- the week starting April 23rd. Meanwhile do feel free to use this thread to ask+answer any more technical questions about how to get going or how to get unstuck, and share any resources you think might be useful while playing.

If anyone would like to play moderater next month (May), please do holler! The moderator chooses the games, makes a post like this, and starts discussion at the end of the month.

I think this is going to be our best month yet!