Text Club, March 2017 -- 'Midnight. Swordfight.', 'Secret Agent Cinder', 'Magical Makeover'

Welcome to the first month of Text Club! (FAQ) Our three games this month are:

Midnight. Swordfight

by Chandler Groover, 2015, ifdb

Play online: http://www.castleprincessdragon.com/InteractiveFiction/MS/play.html

Or download the .gblorb story file on the ifdb.tads.org page linked above. You have several options for interpreters to run that .gblorb file. Lectrote by Andrew Plotkin is really easy to get going and runs on Windows/Mac/Linux - https://github.com/erkyrath/lectrote/releases

(If anyone has another suggestion for standard interpreters we should link, please holler out!)

Secret Agent Cinder

by Emily Ryan, 2015, ifdb

Play online: http://emilyryan.se/cinder/secret-agent-cinder.html

Magical Makeover

by S. Woodson, 2014, ifdb

Play online: http://www.philome.la/Citrushistrix/magical-makeover-v2/play


I sort of cribbed these from Emily Short's recent post on Rock, Paper, Shotgun called "Dressed for the Party. (https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2017/02/15/if-onlycostumes-disguises-games/), plus "Midnight. Swordfight.", which seems thematically related and is a really interesting one I've been eager to spend more time with. Her notes about these games (and her column there, + her blog at https://emshort.blog/) are definitely worth reading!

So let's go on and get into it! In order to give everyone time to fit the games into our various schedules, we'll hold off on substantive discussion until the last week of the month -- the week starting March 26th. Meanwhile do feel free to use this thread to ask+answer any more technical questions about how to get going or how to get unstuck, and share any resources you think might be useful while playing.