Weekly IF Roundup: Week ending in April 7th, 2017

Tools and platforms

New games

  • Terra Sauria is a Youtube audio gamebook by Audioventures. It has a handful of illustrations. There's only a single episode right now.

    Can you survive a dinosaur apocalypse?

  • Badger Castle is a debut for DNABeast.


  • “FISH AND CHIP di Adriano Ziffer. Versione digitalizzata completa 5.5 t1.2. Ultima modifica: 26/03/2017” by Siddone

    Versione 5.5 t1.2 26/03/2017 **Benvenuto nel futuro** Seattle, anno 2031. Una città senza legge, in mano ai gangster e alle megacorporazioni - sempre che una distinzione tra queste due categorie abbia ancora senso. Non è un posto piacevole in cui vivere, questo. L’inquinamento è ai massimi storici, il sole è ormai un ricordo e nella baia sono comparsi i primi pesci a due teste. Sopravvivere è difficile, quindi dovrai imparare alla svelta cosa puoi fare per non trovarti in men che non si dica sul tavolo dell’obitorio, sempre che tu sia fortunato (può andare molto peggio).

  • “A typical day?” by Policeguy44

    You begin on a typical day, hence the title. But is it all so typical? Hmmmmmm?


  • “GOOD BOY!” by Bailie Karcher

    Learn what it means to be a good boy, as you play as a young puppy named Jupiter attempting to make his owner proud.

  • “Reor's Bush-Cave EXPLICIT” by Richard Headkid

    Reor's Bush-Cave -EXPLICIT (The Sprout Pouch pt 4) by Richard Headkid Release 1 / Serial number 170326 / Inform 7 build 6M62 (I6/v6.33 lib 6/12N) REOR'S BUSH-CAVE by Richard Headkid is the worst abuse of...

  • “The King's Riddle” by H.W. Williams

    The world isn't the place you once knew it as...DATELINE, the life of your loving sister and a child lay in the balance of death. It is up to you, too save the lives of the innocent, before time runs out....

  • “Southern Reach: Training and Recruitment” by Caroline Moran

    A game commissioned by publishers HarperCollins to promote the Jeff VanderMeer book "Annihilation", the first part of the Southern Reach trilogy. Have you got what it takes to join the Southern Reach? This...

  • “Case #410113” by FetusCommander

    Short, google form-powered fiction about superheroes and abortion.

  • “Dogface Finds a Stick” by InkThinks

    This game follows Dogface and the pursuit of a stick. It is an initial attempt at game creation.

  • “Death Checks In” by H.W. Williams

    DATELINE...The Gray Owl Inn, once the place for tired travelers is now the scene of a baffling murder. A young lady with the whole world before here was taken away recently. The residents of the Inn, are now...

  • “Don't Mind My Apocalypse Head” by Bruno Dias

    A social anxiety body horror short story about surviving a dinner party when you are just a little bit possessed by an entity that wants to bring about the end of the universe. Features nine official endings...

  • “Fall of Man” by Frasier Panton

  • “A Cock and Bull Story” by Theodore "Ted" C. Lim

    An awkward escape-room game using common euphemisms and idioms.

  • “The Murder of Mr. Luston” by H. W. Williams

    A stormy night falls over the Luston homestead. You've been sent a letter, notifying you of you're services. But not everything is as what it seems. You must solve the mystery of death of Mr. Luston.

  • “Queens of Wrestling: Road to Victory” by Squaregate

    A Japanese RPG/Anime inspired game about a female wrestler and her adventure in the fictionalized version of Japan. If you like action with some comedy, give this one a go. The game is still a work in...

  • “Nootropic Wonderland” by Sasha Lea Griffin

    'Nootropic Wonderland' takes the well known and loved story of Alice in Wonderland but re-imagines the tale in a cyber age. Set in the post-apocalyptic ruminants of England Alice Rose, an aspiring engineer...