Weekly Interactive Fiction Roundup: Week Ending on March 31st, 2017

Tools and platforms


Jonathan Coulton has a music video in IF style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvVNxqosZ7s

New games

  • Time to Feed is a new game by Sharang Biswas, published in Sub-Q magazine.
  • House Taken Over is a text adventure by facundoolano based on the story by Julio Cortázar.
  • The Eagle's Heir is a new Choice of Games title by Jo Graham and Amy Griswold.

    Defend Napoleon’s heir in this steampunk alternate history game of political maneuvering, airship adventure, and romantic intrigue! Will you bring liberty to France, or plunge Europe into bloody war?



  • “The Train” by Ivan Chuang

    Re-playable story about destiny.

  • “Der unsägliche und vermeidbare Tod des Matthias Claudius” by Christian Holmok

    Eine Geschichte über das Leben, das Sterben und das, was dazwischen liegen könnte. ...

  • “Don't Go In The Old Greene House” by Laura Knetzger

    "(Content warning: contains depictions of abuse, neglect, suicide, blood, body horror.) A short video game I wrote, coded, and drew. Created with Twine. You play as Lisa, a teenager who must spend an hour in...

  • “Backslash Mountain” by fortis

    This game has nothing to do with mountains. Or backslashes. This is a stupid game I made on Twine. Will you be a wizard attempting to sell hand lotion to a ravishing dinosaur? Will you be a Roomba, plotting...

  • “Seedship” by John Ayliff

    An AI ship full of frozen colonists must find the best planet to be the new home of the human race.


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