Weekly Roundup: Week ending on January 27th, 2017

Bet you thought I missed it this week. Ha! Not so.

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Other Updates

  • The Southern Monsters Kickstarter is a go. I'm really excited for this one!
  • Choices: And the Sun Went Out finished its run.
  • Just barely missing last week's roundup, Dialogue is a dialogue-driven game currently going through Greenlight, and available on Itch.io.
  • Four days to go on the anything but human jam.
  • The Digital Antiquarian writes about the Spellcasting series, Steve Meretzky's answer to Animal House.
  • Sam Kabo Ashwell released his not-exactly-IF procedural generator for Apocalypse World story ideas, Apocalypse Fuel.
  • Self-promotion interlude: My upcoming game, Voyageur comes out on February 7th!

What else is going on in the IF world that I missed?

Promotional consideration for this update is provided by the letter R and a vague sense of dread.

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