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Leaders will be enforcing these rules with an eye to context, minimizing harm, and the interest of the broader community. We will consider someone's past history of behavior when dealing with a situation. We won't consider how long someone has been involved in IF or their technical contributions; with regards to these rules, newcomers and old hands are meant to be on the same footing.

Bans are not meant to be punitive, but rather they are a tool to curate and maintain the space.

Here is what will get you instantly banned:

  • Using racist, misogynistic, transphobic, homophobic or otherwise. hateful language (slurs) to attack someone.
  • Making disparaging racist, misogynistic, transphobic, homophobic or otherwise discriminatory remarks about a marginalized group of people.
  • "Doxxing" (publishing someone's personally identifiable information without their consent), or threatening to do so.
  • Publishing private communication with another user, or threatening to do so
  • Threats of violence or violent language towards another person.
  • Stalking, intimidation, or using the space to harass another user.
  • Hate speech or advocacy of hate groups.

We reserve the right to ban people who engage in those behaviors even if they haven't done so on this specific Imzy community.

The remaining rules are general guidelines of behavior. We might ban someone if they have become consistently disruptive to the space and its usage, but only after talking to them and trying to resolve the issue in other ways.

Remember always that there is a human being on the other side, and civility requires respecting others' humanity, identity, and experiences.


  • Use aggressive or violent language towards another user;
  • Ridicule another user or their questions/concerns
  • Demand someone else's attention or that they "debate" you (sealioning)
  • Disrupt threads or try to rehash a pet issue over and over again
  • Use language with discriminatory overtones, even if subtle
  • Incite negative situations or interactions by engaging in "fighting words" against a marginalized group.
  • Dismiss someone else's humanity, identity, or experiences
  • Attack people who aren't here to defend themselves
  • Repost the same content repeatedly or try to monopolize the space in other ways

And finally, if you have concerns about another user, please get in touch with the moderators first before making public statements about it.