WELP. After that last post, I apparently felt the need to buckle down and kill Takedown--which, as a reminder, is the next Superpowered Love installment. That's taken me... forever.

The problems are manifold.

  1. It took me almost three years, over all, due to stops and starts and general subject matter. That generally leads to a disjointed narrative, no matter what. Fuckballs.
  2. The wrap-up didn't go as I planned. I wrote it fast, it felt good at the time, but because I EXPECTED it to be longer, I'm nervous.
  3. I am fully aware that the pacing is spotty and, frankly, bad. The book starts in a place of such trauma for Jody that there's absolutely NO jumping into a romance imaginable. The romance ends up being a kind of... sidebar, really, until the more immediate things are manageable. So. I might've gone overboard?

As a result, I've simply sent the whole dumpster fire to my amazing editor and been like, "this is not the one you'll have to edit. Just let me know what you need to me to do before it's remotely editable, because if I try this on my own I'll probably make it worse." She knows her style, she knows the house style, fuck it, right?

Of course she's super busy, but that's for the best right now. Alchemiya book tour is still happening, I'm revving up for Witchy Boys release in less than a month, and then, you know, India.