After India

So I was in India over Halloween, and since then things have been pretty non stop. I will just bullet point because omfg.

  • -Diwali. Off the fuckin' chain. Had fun with tiny neice and nephew. Adorable brats.
  • -Resort thing. We went to one just outside Chennai. Damn. Speaking of off the chain.
  • -Family. SiL and MiL still warring, but at least they don't live together anymore? God help me if I actually bark at MiL next time, she'll never recover.
  • -Flight. Watched a ton of Critical Role. Some dude behind me on the Abu Dhabi -> NYC flight hacked the whole time.
  • -Had a massive disgusting virus when I got home. Surprise surprise. Was sick for two weeks. In the carnage left behind, got a sinus infection. Wee.
  • -Started awesome holiday gift stories for friends. Have a few done and most scripted, but my printer is being a fucker so I might have to get the covers done at kinkos? WE SHALL SEE. The good news is I remember how to print a booklet! WOW.
  • -Cannot say WOW anymore without saying it like Victor Nikiforov.
  • -Found out I probably have to move. Do not want to move. I mean, I do want a new house--we never planned to keep this one. But. I like Columbus :///
  • -Scurried around a lot to try and figure out HOW to move. It is way more complicated with a house, lemme tell you. Fuckkkkk.
  • -Yuri on Ice stole my soul.
  • -Everyone came for Christmas. B's bff, my family. Lots of people, lots of food, too much to drink. Usual holiday for my family, really.
  • -Slept for a week. People, amiright?
  • -Back and forth to Pittsburgh twice this week. Due to the move, I'm not sure when I'll get to spend time with my bff and baby again in the next few months so...
  • -There is literally nothing I want to buy in Dayton and it is disheartening. Also Dayton is disheartening. Like, in general. OH WELL IT IS A GOOD JOB???
  • -All Romance went tits up in an ugly way, and so I spent most of today re-doing every damn sale link on my website to just use universal links. SO WORTH IT.

Yep, that's it!

Well, that and I actually edited the next Superpowered Love book, working title TAKEDOWN. (I wanted it to be THE TAKEDOWN but we got a bit of a dressing down about "A" and "THE" beginning our titles last year and... my last one in the series was THE PLAYHOUSE so.... >.>). I was worried, so before I left for India I sent it to the editor--which I mentioned here somewhere before. Anyhow, she got back to me and pointed out what the problem was, which was nothing like the problem I thought it would be. But since I thought it was with pacing in general and she thought it was just one of the characters needing more page time for his feels, it was actually much easier to fix with her problem. I approve.

So I did it (maybe?) and it's now on proper submission.

I think the crux of my problem was that I identify a little too much with the character in question, Brendan. I usually put a little hint of something I can relate to in every character, just for a foothold, but his entire emotional apparatus is kind of directly lifted from me. I fear this made me 1. less descriptive than I should've been bc duh why he's doing things is perfectly obvious (it literally never is, let alone in this case) and 2. I was hesitant to have him fuck up because I was taking it kind of personally.

That's a new experience for me. I generally want to punch my characters and people who are like me, but apparently when my characters end up like me I kind of like them... or at least understand them. Wasn't aware I was capable!

Originally, when the book was mostly just a script, I had Bren fuck up real bad near the end of the story. I decided it was a little melodramatic and removed it with a sigh of relief. But I realized a toned down version needed to happen and so I put it in--along with some other revealing tidbits--and now I'm pretty happy with it. And I know all this is tedious and vague, but not as tedious as it'd be if I just told the whole story with the details.

But I think the main problem I had was that the book starts with a guy waking up after being kidnapped and drugged and watching his family get killed so. That was bound to be difficult to disentangle. To make an absurd understatement of it all. Reasons I don't generally write heavy angst #21421.

Meanwhile, Jenna and I are one scene away from finishing Kanaan & Tilney book 2. It's gonna need some layering in edits, as we're dropping in extra connections, but writing a murder mystery is like that I reckon. If you want it to be properly fun anyhow!

About to start projects with Jill and Suze in the writing stages soon. V exciting!

Oh, and both Raven and Jenna's holiday stories turned out to need novels about them, so. You know. Those are up after the Alchemiya sequel and/or the "earth" Elementals book.

Fuck I have a lot of things to write. That's not even the half of it. Who am I kidding, I love it.