Pick-a-Project, Bring Some Plague

Though I'm still workign on my long overdue holiday gift stories, it's time to bite the bullet and choose which project I'll focus on hardcore next. I've got a book I'm working on with Suze and the book with JA, both of which have my FULL and complete attention, but aren't really for alone-time writing (yet). And since most of my day should be alone-time writing, and since I'm coming up on a few more crazy ass weeks full of house-hunting weekends and Balaji traveling on weekdays, I need to make a PLAN and stick to it or dick will get done.

Like it did last week. Absolute dick. Not the good kind, either.

Add to that the emotional wringer of just being a fucking AMERICAN this week and I can kind of forgive myself. Plus, being the only person to excercise Daisy, our 60lb high energy shepard mix, made me feel like I'd been beaten up. Good for me, good for her, but ow.

So I'm gonna take the advice of meditation instructurs past (finally) and be gentle with myself. It's okay. THE TAKEDOWN is with Raven the Editor, we know what we need to do with the second KANAAN & TILNEY book, draft complete, to get it to her as well. It was a good time to catch my breath.

I went through my list of projects and decided that, although I'd really like to write the second ALCHEMIYA book or even just tear through the last three SUPERPOWERED LOVE books to tie off the series... the time has really come to have a dedicated crack at PLAGUEBRINGER. The first draft is... epically long, but then, it is epic fantasy. I tried to just do an edit based on Meghan's fabulous beta of that draft, but I think it really needs more than that. I think it needs a total rewrite from scratch, using the draft as more of a guideline. There's too much dead weight, me getting to know the world and characters, that makes the first half in particular feel dull and lifeless. And that's the opposite of what one wants in these stories, obviously.

I've also made some adjustments to the relationships, drawing some closer and some more explicit than I originally planned. Which is what I always wanted to do, but the idea that it was epic fantasy and not a "romance novel" held me back. I don't know why, I went halfway with that... I guess I was a little more focused on what I thought it ought to be than what it really was. Knowing that I have a publisher in mind for it has really opened things up though. Whether or not they want it (I know they're at least interested in seeing it, so that's a start I never could've dreamed of years ago), they fit what I always wanted to write, not what I made myself write.

And honestly, I don't know why I bothered. The book is queer as fuck anyhow; like why did I go halfway on making some of the relationships more explicit? And I don't mean just sexually--queerplatonic, romantic, sexual, it has all these things, and they're all about love. It's about time some fantasy celebrated that instead of shitting on it. I can do that.

Still have no fucking idea if it should be under Katey Hawthorne or KV Taylor but. Welp. First things first. Write the damn thing. Again.

So I've set myself up on Pacemaker. Here goes nothing.