Summer Recovery and the Next Superpowered Love

It's the first day of falllllllll! This summer was a wild ride of travel and visitors, so I didn't get NEARLY as much writing done as I wanted to... and all my writing time was commandeered by business stuff. Finishing ALCHEMIYA edits and a short story for KV Taylor stuff. Schedules were so wonky that Jenna and I have been ALMOST done with the next KANAAN & TILNEY for about three months now. Really. Three months.

The next Supowerpowered Love (Book 8 omg), on the other hand, is taking a long ass time because it's rough. There's been this thread running through all the books about Witch Hunters, people who hunt down and oftentimes want to 'eliminate' the awakened. This is the book where it happens to the main character Jody and his family. So. There's al ot of acute stress disorder going on right from the beginning, and I needed to bring my A-game, because that's not something to fuck around with.

I drew a lot from my own therapy experiences for the way Jody works through things, but obviously my situation is... so different from his. There's been a lot of talking to people, a lot of reading, a lot of hard work, and a lot of crying. Okay not really the last thing, but writing this kind of experience is pretty deep for me. Writing is like acting. It affects me; I can't just turn it off when I shut down Word, not completely.

Which is the long story of why the last Superpowered Love book was well over a year ago. Well, that and I had spinal fusion surgery in January and couldn't use my arms for a few months before that >.>

The good thing about this book is that the soundtrack has a lot of old Britpop from the 90s, because the love interest is My Age--or very nearly--and grew up listening to the same stuff. This list is so full of Suede and the Verve it burns so gooooooood.

I'm nearing the climax with that one, but I think it's gonna need some serious winding down to resolve it properly. Maybe an entire third act. So that's just about where I am... after this sex scene >.>

Writing these guys is fun, though. Sneak peek, this is Jody:

Drawn by Astro, my go-to for my lil character sheets :D

Working title on this one is "The Takedown", but publishers don't like "the" titles so.. I'mma see if we can come up with something better. Also, the editing for this one is going to be a bear, so apologies to my darling editor, Raven. >.>

So yeah, now that summer is winding down and things are less wild, I'm really hoping to get that and Kanaan & Tilney 2 wrapped up. Oddly, I'm still enjoying the work on both--I always enjoy my co-authored ones, and Jenna is a BLAST, but it's amazing I'm still liking The Takedown. Still, it needs to get delievered so I can stop dwelling.

Also, it'd be nice to have stuff sorted before I head off to India, since I want to start something new there, so... >.>