On ArcheAge and MMOs Eternal

I didn't end up on a fresh server because of the queues, so I went to a Legacy server that the forums (!) claimed was "the nicest". Character creation is still top notch. I think the game has very much improved in many ways over how it was back when I dipped my toe into the intro (so comparing apples to apples here, not apples to end game or anything)

Things were going well this time around. I did the pet/mount quest, but none of the gardening or building missions. Don't even know if those are still a thing. I see that LABOR is still a thing, but I guess that's a core Eastern concept that can't be excised.

Last night I was on and had nothing to do but quests. I had to tame a fox. Slaughter a goat. Collect X and Y and bring them to someone for some reason.

So I quit and uninstalled. I haven't played an MMO proper in quite some time, and now I'm thinking I know why: I just don't want to do the kinds of things MMOs want me to do these days. I'm thinking that Back Then these were necessary evils because MMOs were massive games in massive worlds and they needed to both give you a way to grow your character, but also a way to push you through the world and to keep you busy until "the real game" at or near the level cap. After the Great MMO Schism of Twenty-Aught-Something, when MMOs realized they didn't HAVE to chase WoW and started becoming MMO shooters or MMO MOBAs or MMO puzzle games, the idea that the game had to be fueled by neverending and mindless fetch and kill quests seems so much less satisfying, now that we know there are other ways to try and make things interesting in the interem.

Of course, none of those other styles seem to be doing it for me either at the moment :D