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All things vidding related

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Community for all things Vidding. Share your thoughts and ideas. Offer suggestions and feedback.


  • Festivids

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    Festivids is an annual fannish vid exchange for rare and obscure fandoms, inspired by yuletide:

  • The Here And Now: Fandom Life
    The Here And Now: Fandom Life

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    Personal Blog about fandom love and fanvids. Anonymous comments are enabled.

  • Vidders

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    Vidder Community

  • Fail Fandom Anon
    Fail Fandom Anon

    2333 members

    The Nonnie Watering Hole. Watch out for dinosaurs.

  • Org for Transformative Works
    Org for Transformative Works

    214 members

    The OTW is a nonprofit organization that provides access to and preserves the history of fanworks and fan cultures.

  • Vidding Tech
    Vidding Tech

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    How-tos, tips, techniques and rants about tech needed to make vids.

  • Vids & Vidding
    Vids & Vidding

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    If you like fannish music videos (vids, a.k.a songvids, fanvids), this is the place for you. Vidders & viewers welcome!

  • VividCon

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    An annual fan convention for vids and the vidding community. August 2017, Chicago, IL.

  • fandom_dealer

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    A recs comm for finding new fandoms, in the spirit of the old livejournal community, crack_van!