is a site created to showcase Vid Recs. The inspiration for the site was to have a site of curated content devoted to Vid Recs. I was lucky to get the participation of Sol Se who has inspired me with her work and her consistency in finding great vids to rec over time. It's quite possible that the site would not have existed without her involvement. It's a little bit of a work in progress so feel free to send us feedback using the link in the footer. However, do not take this to mean that there was not a lot of planning and work to get the site to the point where we are willing to share it here.

  • Each rec page allows easy sharing with buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest
  • Each page allows for the reccer to say why they are reccing the vid.
  • The site is customized to be mobile responsive.
  • Each reccer has their own mobile page with all their own recs (sort of like their own column in a newspaper)
  • Comments (site or Facebook) can be left for each video although we will be encouraging you to also leave them directly for the vidder.

We will look to add videos about every week and may set up an email subscription to make it easier to get recs delivered right to your inbox. Lots of possibilities.

We feel pretty safe to do a little bit of a soft launch here because imzy is still new